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For our most discerning clients, Hulton Construction has a proven track record of successfully assembling the right team to build state-of-the-art projects in the most prestigious markets in the U.S., from Hawaii to New York. Read what our clients are saying.

“Tom is a great guy, he did what he said that he was going to do and the project turned out fantastic. My only regret was building my next home myself, If I could do it over, I would have hired Tom to do it. I really appreciated all the things that Tom did to make the process enjoyable and easy.”

—Bill Wright

“Over the years, I’ve been very impressed with Tom’s attention to detail and his can do attitude. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness his range of work and still to this day, am surprised by his consistent craftsmanship.”

—Kurt Schneiter Commercial Developer

"We were very impressed with Tom’s professionalism and knowledge from the first time we met with him. Tom was fully aware of the time lines & strict budget our fire insurance company put on us before and during this rebuild. His persistence and attention to detail made this rebuild a dream come true! Thank you for all your help! We are happy to recommend your services to anyone."

—Greg and Karan Huskey Escondido, CA

“We cannot imagine another contractor offering more care for the construction of a home, more interest in keeping to a schedule and keeping costs down, more concern for impressing his clients, or being more accessible than Tom. He is absolutely anal about details, is flexible, is on the lookout for modifications that would improve the home, and he completed our nearly million-dollar home in 8 months. No one could have built a more beautiful one. It's a masterpiece."

—A & B Cummings Clients

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom. He was extremely easy to work with, listened to us, and was concerned about our budget, and our ideas. We really have enjoyed our home!”

—Lulla Smith San Diego, CA

“I hired Tom because he has great experience and superior project management skills. I know that successful projects are built from someone paying attention to the details. Tom’s detailed cost estimates, schedules and systems in the office and the field make him one of the best.”


“I am happy to recommend your services, ANYTIME, to anyone. Not only did you do our work on time, but it was fun ! The cost overrun was my doing. I kept adding extras to your list. And, everything came out great! Thanks again for the wonderful experience!”

—Hans and Nancy Nielsen

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Through building methods based on exactitude, the Hulton team fulfills the architect's design and the client's vision. Whether building a new home or working through a renovation, Hulton Construction is equipped to handle the challenges that will inevitably arise. For questions, or to see more of our work in details, please feel free to contact us.